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Hands in Harmony is an exploration of folk music and traditional handcrafts by acclaimed photographer Tim Barnwell, author of The Face of Appalachia (W.W. Norton, 2003) and On Earth’s Furrowed Brow (W.W. Norton, 2007). Eighty evocative black and white portraits are combined with biographies and oral history interviews with each subject, celebrating those involved in the music and craft communities in and around the southern Appalachian region. Drawn from a thirty-year photographic career, Barnwell's portraits speak to the beauty and uniqueness of the handmade object, and their creators, and the musical heritage carried forward by those performing the original folk songs of this region. These traditions, handed down through generations, connect us to our cultural roots and provide a unique regional identity.
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On Earth's Furrowed Brow Book Project The Face of Appalachia Book Project If you would like to view commercial images of People, Products & Places, Click Here The acclaimed author of The Face of Appalachia and Hands In Harmony, Barnwell once again turns an intelligent and compassionate eye toward rural America in his latest book, On Earth’s Furrowed Brow. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains, over one hundred timeless black and white photographs provide a window onto a world that is quickly fading. Portraits of people in their homes and at work in the fields illuminate the richness and rhythms of everyday life. The Face of Appalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Farm is the culmination of over 25 years of work by acclaimed photographer Tim Barnwell. His remarkable black-and-white images, taken with a vintage 4x5 inch view camera, show us scenes of farming, hunting, religious activities, people working with oxen and horses, carrying on traditional handcrafts, and of daily life. Combining beautiful landscapes with tender portraits, he provides a stunning picture of a vanishing way of life on the remote mountain farms of rural Appalachia.